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D-Cubed 3D DCM version 53.0 release highlights

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Key enhancements introduced in version 53.0 of D-Cubed 3D DCM (3D Dimensional Constraint Manager) are described below.


Linear and Circular Patterns 


The previous release of the 3D DCM included preliminary support for one, two and three-dimensional linear patterns to give applications early access to the functionality and APIs. Building on this, version 53.0 introduces support for circular patterns, and brings all pattern functionality up to production-ready quality. Circular patterns are generated by positioning geometry around an axis. The angle between pattern elements is a freedom which can either be given an specific numeric value, or found in order to satisfy other constraints when the model is solved.


An important aspect of patterns is that they can be sparse (omit one or more elements):


A circular pattern with missing elements.


Also, it is possible to combine linear and circular patterns as shown in the figure below:




A "spiral" created by combining a linear pattern and circular pattern.


The  powerful non-sequential solving of 3D DCM enables dimensions and constraints to be applied to elements within a pattern, eliminating the parent-child restrictions of more limited pattern handling technologies. This provides the application developer and the end-user with great flexibility when parameterising patterned elements within their models.


Dragging Improvements


3D DCM enables users to interact with an under-constrained model by interactively moving geometry, investigating different configurations whilst ensuring that the applied dimensions and constraints are satisfied. Various different dragging modes are available, one of which aims to move the minimum number of geometries that are affected by the dragged geometries. The latest release of 3D DCM enables more geometries to move where this will prevent large undesirable transformations.


About D-Cubed 3D DCM


D-Cubed 3D DCM (3D Dimensional Constraint Manager) is a geometric constraint solving software component. Supporting a wide range of geometries, dimensions and constraints, 3D DCM enables 3D parametric sketching, part shape control using direct modeling, assembly part positioning and kinematic motion simulation.