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D-Cubed AEM Version 51.0

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Siemens Visionary

Siemens PLM Software releases Version 51.0 of D-Cubed AEM


D-Cubed AEM (Assembly Engineering Manager) enhancements include:


Contact Solving near Face Boundaries

AEM returns accurate solutions where parts come into contact or separate. This applies when the contact is within the interior of a face or at a boundary of the face, that is, on an edge or at a vertex. This release improves reliability for contacts near edges and vertices.


About D-Cubed AEM

D-Cubed Assembly Engineering Manager (AEM) is a software component that enables applications to simulate the motion of assemblies and mechanisms. It accounts for the mass properties of parts, the motion caused by a range of engineering forces and devices and the interaction of parts as they collide and transmit motion to each other.