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D-Cubed AEM version 53.0 release highlights

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Siemens Visionary

This article describes the key enhancements introduced in version 53.0 of D-Cubed AEM (Assembly Engineering Manager).


Reliability Enhancements


The AEM provides sophisticated motion simulation computations when solid parts collide and push each other around. Such computations are more demanding when parts contain tolerant geometry that is of lower accuracy than that associated with commonly used solid modellers. Developments have continued in version 53 to improve reliability in the presence of tolerant geometry.


Contact computations between solid models are critical to the capabilities offered by AEM. Improvements have been made in this release that benefit contacts involving the boundaries of parametric surfaces.


Improvements have also been made to the recording and tracking of customer reported issues, better enabling fixes to be provided and regressions to be avoided.


About D-Cubed AEM


D-Cubed AEM (Assembly Engineering Manager) is a software component that enables applications to simulate the motion of assemblies and mechanisms. It accounts for the mass properties of parts, the motion caused by a range of engineering forces and devices and the interaction of parts as they collide and transmit motion to each other.



A Geneva drive simulated with AEM.