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D-Cubed AEM version 54.0 release highlights

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Key enhancements introduced in version 54.0 of D-Cubed AEM (Assembly Engineering Manager) are described below.


Enhanced Support for Cam/Follower Mechanisms


The AEM provides sophisticated motion simulation computations when solid parts collide and push each other around. One application is in the area of cam/follower mechanisms. Solving efficiency has improved in the presence of multiple contacts between parts, where only a subset are needed to simulate the motion. There is also improved analysis of the transitions between load-bearing and non-load-bearing contacts, resulting in improved drag performance and reliability.


About D-Cubed AEM


D-Cubed AEM (Assembly Engineering Manager) is a software component that enables applications to simulate the motion of assemblies and mechanisms. It accounts for the mass properties of parts, the motion caused by a range of engineering forces and devices and the interaction of parts as they collide and transmit motion to each other.



Mechanism simulation with AEM