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D-Cubed CDM version 54.0 release highlights

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Key enhancements introduced in version 54.0 of D-Cubed CDM (Collision Detection Manager) are described below.


Reliability Enhancements


The Collision Detection Manager can perform its computations on accurate and tolerant solids, surfaces, wires, and points, with precise or faceted geometry. Such flexibility requires exceptional reliability. This release has focused on reliability enhancements, particularly for computations that involve a combination of solid and faceted models.


About D-Cubed CDM


D-Cubed CDM (Collision Detection Manager) is a software component that offers collision detection and clearance distance measurement for solid, surface and wireframe models. It supports accurate, tolerant and faceted geometry. Used in assembly, mechanism, machining and measurement simulation environments, CDM offers a range of algorithms to interactively detect collisions and compute clearances, even on large, complex assemblies. Performance is particularly excellent for repeated computations on models that are in motion. CDM is compatible with most applications, being independent of any particular modeler or model format.



Detecting collisions in an assembly: