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D-Cubed HLM Version 51.0

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Siemens Visionary

Siemens PLM Software releases Version 51.0 of D-Cubed HLM


D-Cubed HLM (Hidden Line Manager) enhancements include:


Performance Improvements on Faceted Models

An HLM strength is its ability to perform computations involving accurate and faceted models. Good performance requires fast algorithms for both geometry types. This release has significant improvements to performance on models with surfaces that contain large numbers of facets. This is achieved by developments in the area of the facet boxing hierarchy. The improvements benefit faceted models and models containing a mixture of accurate and faceted geometry.


Custom Memory Allocation

This release extends custom memory allocation to all supported platforms.


About D-Cubed HLM

D-Cubed Hidden Line Manager (HLM) is a software component that provides applications with a fast hidden line computation capability. HLM is optimized for solid, surface and wireframe models, with support for accurate, tolerant and faceted geometry. HLM is compatible with most applications, being independent of any particular modeler or model format. HLM accurately computes hidden line views, engineering drawings and technical illustrations of parts and assemblies with exceptional performance, reliability and functionality.