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D-Cubed HLM version 52.0 release highlights

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Siemens Visionary

Enhancements introduced in version 52.0 of D-Cubed HLM (Hidden Line Manager) include:


Volume of Interest Performance Enhancement

The HLM offers various means to optimise the performance of a hidden line computation. These include only re-computing the portions of a model that have changed since the last hidden line computation, and only computing the region of a model along the view direction that is enclosed by a view box. The latest release introduces a volume of interest which defines the region of the model that will be computed. In contrast to the view box optimisation, geometries that lie in front of and behind the volume of interest are excluded from the hidden line calculations.


Hidden line data only calculated for volume of interest:


About D-Cubed HLM

D-Cubed HLM (Hidden Line Manager)) is a software component that provides applications with a fast hidden line computation capability. HLM is optimized for solid, surface and wireframe models, with support for accurate, tolerant and faceted geometry. HLM is compatible with most applications, being independent of any particular modeler or model format. HLM accurately computes hidden line views, engineering drawings and technical illustrations of parts and assemblies with exceptional performance, reliability and functionality.