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D-Cubed HLM version 53.0 release highlights

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This article describes the key enhancements introduced in version 53.0 of D-Cubed HLM (Hidden Line Manager).


Face Outline Loop Closure Improvements


Face outlines define the visible boundary of a face when viewed from a given direction. The thickening of outline edges in a drawing can help clarify the hidden line view, and this is often used in technical illustrations. Another use for outlines is to define regions in a drawing that should be hatched.


In version 53 of HLM more detailed information is now offered regarding the status of the face outline loop closure and more work is done to characterise cases which previously may have been ambiguous.



Outline calculations on a solid part.


About D-Cubed HLM


D-Cubed HLM (Hidden Line Manager) is a software component that provides applications with a fast hidden line computation capability. HLM is optimized for solid, surface and wireframe models, with support for accurate, tolerant and faceted geometry. HLM is compatible with most applications, being independent of any particular modeler or model format. HLM accurately computes hidden line views, engineering drawings and technical illustrations of parts and assemblies with exceptional performance, reliability and functionality.