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D-Cubed PGM version 70.0 release highlights

Siemens Theorist Siemens Theorist
Siemens Theorist

D-Cubed PGM version 70.0

Key enhancements introduced in version 70.0 of D-Cubed PGM (Profile Geometry Manager) are described below.


Support for anti-aligned offset edges


PGM now allows applications to specify that offset edges run in the opposite direction to their base edges when defining offset relationships. This simplifies the creation of slots with consistent edge directions.




Improvements to loop finding


Given a point and any number of edges as input the PGM can inform the application which edges or parts of edges form a closed loop around the point. It is now possible to specify a tolerance to be used by the loop finding functionality, used when deciding if geometries are close enough to close the gaps in the model.




About D-Cubed PGM


D-Cubed PGM (Profile Geometry Manager) enhances the productivity of sketchers. It does this by working with higher level geometric data and not individual curves. Examples include offsetting loops while inserting, extending and trimming edges, adding constraints to loops rather than to individual curves, and solving the shape of loops while maintaining their perimeter length or area. PGM is often used to add capabilities to a 2D DCM-based sketcher.