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Kineo Flexible Cables Version 6.0 Release Highlights

Siemens Enthusiast Siemens Enthusiast
Siemens Enthusiast
kineo flexible cables version 6.jpgKineo Flexible Cables is a software component for compliant cable simulation. It’s well suited to modeling the deformation and configuration of cables in robotics systems, such as pneumatic hoses and electrical cables, to minimize failure on the factory floor. This article describes some of the enhancements released in version 6.0.


New C# API


Kineo Flexible Cables (KFC) 6.0 introduces a C# API that provides all the functionality of the existing C++ API. Users can now develop sophisticated applications that model flexible cables using C# directly in a .NET framework.


Rigid end connectors


Kineo Flexible Cables can simulate the effect of including an inflexible cable connector by allowing users to define a rigid position, or fulcrum, anywhere between the ends of the cable. Version 6.0 offers the additional option to define a fulcrum at either end of the cable. This function provides additional control over the cable parameters and increases the real-world accuracy of simulation.


Enhanced definition of cable properties


New physical parameters have been introduced to define a cable using standard properties. The end user can now define a cable by specifying values for its internal radius, external radius and Young’s modulus. These physical parameters facilitate the simulation of cables using standard properties that can be retrieved from the cable supplier.


Improved automatic cable generation


The generation of a cable has been improved using the Kineo path planning algorithm. The path planner quickly finds a collision-free path using a sphere with the same radius as the cable. The cable initially adopts the automatically generated path, before the internal and external forces determine the final shape of the cable. This technique allows a cable to be created quickly in a highly constrained environment, while enabling the end-user to give hint points that force the cable to pass through a given region.