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KineoWorks Version 6.0 Release Highlights

Siemens Enthusiast Siemens Enthusiast
Siemens Enthusiast

KineoWorks is a software component that automatically computes collision-free motion, solving complex path-planning problems in applications such as robot simulation/control and virtual assembly/disassembly verification. This article describes some of the enhancements released in version 6.0:


Simplified tool mounting/unmounting and pick and place operations


KineoWorks 6.0 introduces new functionality to simplify the mounting and unmounting of tools on the robot. It’s now possible to define handlers and handles to manage couplings between the robot and the tools. The end-user simply selects a handler/handle combination to automatically create the attachment (see figure below).kineoworks-version 6.jpg

Furthermore, handles can be defined on moving parts. By connecting the handler on a tool with the handle on a part, all the operations of pick & place are made easy.


Enhancements to motion simulation


KineoWorks 6.0 now enables customization of the interpolation method used for Cartesian motion in a robot. The new parameterization technique gives developers almost complete control over motion simulation and enables preferred trajectories to be downloaded to the robot.


Enhanced C# API


KineoWorks 6.0 enhances the C# API by introducing many new API functions that were previously only available in the C++ API. This allows the C# developer to create more sophisticated .NET applications for path-planning easily.