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Parasolid Version 30.1 Release Highlights

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Parasolid v30.1 delivers enhancements across a broad front of classic B-rep functionality to enable application developers to code and maintain sophisticated functionality more effectively for their end-users. Facet B-rep enhancements cover complex modeling with facet data and repair of imported facet data, in addition to architectural foundations to support fully integrated Convergent Modeling in future releases. Enhancements include:


Blends and Booleans


  • Chamfer blend functionality is enhanced to support apex-range chamfer blends in both edge and face blending with constant ranges and angles. No specific edge selection is required and control is provided for chamfer angle and offset distance.
  • Improved controls to support face blend preview.


Examples of apex-range chamfer blends


Model Editing and Interrogation


A number of classic B-rep operations have been added to enable application developers to manage end-user workflows more easily, including:


  • Creation of general wire bodies, perspective outlines and symmetric periodic B-curves.
  • Mass properties of transformed topologies including reflections.
  • Improved diagnostics for swept tool and fill hole.
  • Increased case coverage in tapering when creating mitre faces.


Facet Enabled Modeling


A large number of specific, advanced classic B-rep operations have been enhanced to operate on facet B-rep geometry, including:


  • Enhanced mesh blending and deleting chains of blends.
  • Modeling operations such as performing dependent offsets, sewing, transforming faces, tapering faces, deleting faces and creating isocline taper surfaces from polylines.
  • Boolean edge-edge matching and Euler operations.
  • Intersections between facet B-rep faces and classic B-rep planes in addition to clashes between facet B-rep and classic B-rep entities.


The top faces (blue) and parallel underlying faces (not visible) are dependently offset from a lower face (red)


Mesh-Specific Enhancements

Several enhancements have been added that are specific to working with mesh data including:


  • Returning sets of sharp mfins, indicating creases in a mesh surface. Creases are also returned as a new line type in rendering.
  • Faceting general facet bodies, including output of connectivity information which is of particular use in CAE applications.
  • Repair of tolerant slits between disjoint meshes in order to easily unite fragmented meshes into a single mesh.
  • Improved performance, including better caching, for meshes with many facets.
  • Embedded mesh data in XT files.
  • Incremental faceting of facet B-rep models.


Incremental faceting of facet B-rep models