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Parasolid version 29.0 release highlights

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Parasolid v29.0 delivers numerous enhancements to both B-rep modeling and facet modeling. B-rep enhancements focus on complex high level capabilities that enable application developers to deliver functionality to their end user more efficiently. Facet modeling enhancements focus on increasing capabilities to work with facetted models and the architectural foundations to deliver fully integrated Convergent Modeling in future releases.


Facet Modeling


V29.0 provides enhancements to facilitate creating, importing and editing meshed models in Parasolid, including:


  • Extended conversion capability to create faceted models from general bodies.
  • Added capability to create a new facet mesh from specified facets of an existing facet mesh.
  • Improved rendering of facet geometry to support perspective view transforms.
  • Added ability to return the normal, principal directions and curvature of a mesh.
  • Added checking option to detect and report fold-over facets in a mesh.


parasolid facet body.jpg

A facetted model created from a B-rep body with four planar, general faces.


Surface and Curve Modeling


V29.0 provides a number of enhancements for sophisticated creation and editing of surfaces and curves, including:


  • Added ability to create piecewise lofts with ruled surfaces and discontinuities at profiles.
  • Added control to examine and identify poor parameterisation of sets of faces.
  • Improved quality of result for lofted surfaces with face clamps.


parasolid loft repeated profiles.jpg

A surface created by a piecewise loft through a set of profiles with ruled surfaces and discontinuity at each profile.


 Modeling and Blending


  • Added option to replace any missing underlying faces when deleting notch blends.
  • Improved identification and repair of complementary edges in modeling operations.
  • Improved diagnostic information returned when a sweep operation fails to result in a closed sweep due to torsion in the path.


parasolid repair edges.jpg

The six edges adjacent to the red boss are identified as three pairs of complimentary edges. During the operation each pair of complimentary edges is merged into one edge. 


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