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Top 6 Features of the Mastertrim 14.2 Release

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Community Manager

Mastertrim 14.2 provides users with the tools to create more detailed and exact definition for their seat trim engineering process than ever thought possible before. In providing more precise definitions these Mastertrim 14.2 enhancements will allows users to communicated more clearly throughout their design and manufacturing processes, to create a higher quality end product, the first time around.

Here are some of the top features that have been added :

Color pieces, text and balloons per material and type

Users can now select materials, attachments and sew lines to highlight in custom colors for displaying in 3D and on 2D documentation. This will allow easier communication when defining the design and creating documents. For example, all of the leather pieces can be assigned a specific highlighting color while the vinyl pieces are assigned another color. The flat pattern layout will reflect these colors and make it easy to distinguish the variants in t he design.

Place BOM table balloons and cross-sections directly on the 3D view

Documentation and drawings are very important for communicating the design of the seat. Engineering drawings are one of the drawing types that Mastertrim can automatically generate. Within this drawing type, isometric views of the seat can be placed which reflect the design and complement the tables and flat pattern layouts on the drawing. Mastertrim 14.2 now enhances these isometric views by adding additional information to them such as BOm table balloons and cross section details. These enhancements will allow a more complete drawing and save the company significant time in in their drawing creation.

Predict tension early in the design phase

Mastertrim 14.2 offers an improved producibility display which more accurately predicts tension in the design based on the material, shape and sew line locations. With this information, an engineer can communicate with the designer and manufacturing team to address these predictions and make changes if necessary before making the first prototype.

Publish data to Teamcenter on an ad hoc basis

Mastertrim 14.2 now supports the ability to directly upload any external documents Mastertrim can generate directly into the Teamcenter BOM structure. This streamlines the document management process and allows the user to focus on engineering instead of document management.

Customize individual notches generated from rules

Authoring data automatically based on design rules can save the user significant time. However, often designs have some unique characteristics about them that require special attention by the engineer. Mastertrim 14.2 now allows users to edit individual notches that were generated from a rule-based utility and customize them to fit the specific design need. These edits are captured in the design and are flagged when they were made in order to track the locations where the design needed to stray away from design rules.

Select multiple material colors

Seat designs are commonly authored colorless initially as the engineering is iterated upon and then the color variants are added later. Mastertrim 14.2 now supports this process better by allowing multiple material colors to be assigned per piece. These variants are them documented in all drawings and reports so that the full color variants of the pieces are caputured.