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MindSphere for Energy - Siemens at European Utility Week 2017


Distributed energy systems and digitalization are two trends that reinforce one another and are driving the transformation of the energy world. Siemens is supporting these trends in a variety of ways, including with MindSphere, its cloud-based, open, and scalable operating system for the Internet of Things (IoT). At this year's European Utility Week (EUW), which took place in Amsterdam from October 3 to 5, Siemens presented some of its highlights for this topic. 


 As in past years, Siemens once again invited German and international energy media to a press conference at the trade show. The conference focused on the EnergyIP smart grid application platform whose applications recently began running under MindSphere as well as a new MindSphere application developed by Omnetric, a joint venture of Siemens and Accenture, for an Austrian energy provider.

At the conference, Siemens informed industry media about how MindSphere can help utilities and power grid operators monitor their grids, analyze grid data, and optimize grid operation, and also presented a new controllable and adjustable medium-voltage DC transmission system. This system was developed for gird operators who need to enlarge their infrastructure to handle the increasing volumes of power fed into the distribution system from distributed and renewable energy sources and to keep their network stable.


Furthermore, Lars Potreck, Vice President Global Product Management Grid Applications @Siemens, gives the latest information on potentials and developments of EnergyIP running on Mindsphere.


More information about EnergyIP: