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Welcome to the MindSphere Community


Welcome to the MindSphere Community forum. This is where you can share experiences, ask questions, and join the discussion about anything related to MindSphere. This is a community effort, so don’t be afraid to pitch in!  We need YOU to help make this a valuable forum for all. We are at the very beginning of our community efforts and appreciate any feedback and ideas to improve for the future. 


When participating in the forum and to help other members find your content, please use labels like these to identify which topic your post fits best:

  • MindSphere
  • MindApps
  • MindConnect
  • App Name e.g. "Fleet Manager"

Please visit the Rules of Engagement for additional details and the rules of our platform and conversations. 


Have fun, and welcome to the exciting world of MindSphere!


Hello All,


I am new to MindSphere IoT platform. It seems that MindSphere provide option of developing dedicated applications. Unfortunately i am not able to find out option to get it started. Will someone please help me to find out the option to start application development. I don't have AWS accout . I want to know what different features MindSphere provide while doing application development.



Nishant L


Hi @Nishant_KPIT, welcome to the MindSphere Community. We dont have a lot of AWS development information released yet, but it will follow in the coming weeks. While we are working to pull the information together, I could connect you to one of my colleagues to get a deepdive. 





I am new to Mindsphere community. We are working on project where we want onboard Printers in Mindsphere v3.0. However we are facing lack of documentation onboarding different type of devices. 

Would it be possible to get any tutorial onboarding devices connected to Ethernet or WiFi having TCP/IP protocol


I've downloaded SIMATIC IOT2040 image to MindConnect IOT2040. Please help me how to restore my MindConnect IOT2040 module. Thank you 


a simple question,is mindsphere ready in china?  thank you