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How can I create and modify a User and Customer Users in MindSphere?

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

 The Admin creates accounts for Users in the User Management and accounts for Customers in the Customer Management. After an account has been created, a User will receive an Email notification to activate his login credentials.


User Management

To create a User, follow these steps:

  • Go to the User Management in MindSphere Launchpad.
  • Click Add new User
  • Enter all required information for a User.




To modify or delete a User, proceed as follows:

  • Select a User, click icon and make required changes or delete a User: 




Customer Management

To create a Customer, proceed as follows:

  • Go to the Customer Management.
  • To create a Customer, click Add new Customer.
  • Enter all required information for a Customer.



Create a Customer User

To create a User of a Customer, proceed as follows:

  • Select a Customer.
  • Go to User for Customer 'C1' section, click Add new Customer User.
  • Enter all required information for a user



To modify or delete a Customer or a User of a Customer, proceed in the same way as described in User Management of this chapter.



When creating a User Account (for OEM User or End Customer), you have to assign an Email address in order to activate a User Account.



You cannot create an OEM User and End Customer Account with already assigned Email address.

All Email addresses to be entered on Account creation need to be unique and may not be reused.

An error message will appear when entering the already assigned Email address: