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How secure is my data? How about data storage?


We are aware how important data protection and security is. We use the most advanced IT security technologies and protect our customers' data as we do protect our own valuable data. Furthermore, our Cloud technology is designed in a way that prevents external access to devices in the plant; the devices establish only a secure outbound HTTPS connection to the Cloud; an inbound connection to the devices is not enabled. Establishment of cloud connectivity does not require major changes in the security policies and infrastructure; only a specific https outbound port has to be opened for connection to the Siemens Cloud. Integrity: Data is buffered and backed-up to prevent data losses Confidentially: All Data is encrypted during transfer and storage All components of the system require authentication before they grant access. The cloud has a secure multi-tenant architecture to keep data from multiple clients separate. At the moment Data is stored at the Data-Center of SAP in Germany.