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Is SINUMERIK 840D SL also able to connect to MindSphere without using the MindConnect Nano?

Community Admin Community Admin
Community Admin

Yes. It will be available as soon as we have released the Manage MyMachines App.

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Hello is this released yet?   Where can I find additional information?

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello @Zlatan14 the SINUMERIK 840D SL has the MindSphere connectivity already integrated and works without MindConnect devices. 

Since this week, the MindSphere July release is now available and you are now able to purchase different MindDeveloper packages to get access to MindSphere. You can find more information here:


Thats great, I am assuming this is only available for the latest version of SINUMERIK 840D SL?  


Is their a White Paper or Guidelines available to connect a legacy 840D SL via a MindConnect Nano - ie: what do you need to do in the SINUMERIK 840D SL to make data available, are there any specific setup requirements etc.?

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

You should take a look at the two links below. For once, there is the Getting Started with MindConnect Nano guide which outlines how to connect, setup and configure the Nano Box.


This second here link is more a quick start guide which does not hold as many information as the guide above, but might be of good help as well.


Please let me know if anything is unclear or not answered in the documentation, so we can update and improve our guides as well. :-)