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What are Loading Profile Files (LPF) in X-Tools? How can they be used?



In this application description, we will explain what a Loading Profile File in CMS X-Tools is and how it can be used.

Shortly, a Loading Profile File can be of use to filter automatically the offline data that you want to load among a large amount of data, matching various filtering criteria (date and time, included and excluded types of data, and so on).

Basic knowledge required

In order to understand this application description, general knowledge of automation technology and software package CMS X-Tools (in the following, X-Tools) is required.

In addition, you must be familiar with using computers with Windows.


Required Software

This document is valid for the following software:

  • CMS X-Tools Professional V 04.03

If different software versions are used, this can lead to variations in the steps described.




FAQ_X-Tools_LPF.pdf (1,3 MB)