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What are MindSphere Units and how are they calculated?

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MindSphere Unit (MSU) is the basis for fees invoiced monthly per Asset and per used application.

The value of a MindSphere Unit will be indicated during the ordering of MindAccess/MindApps and will be stated in the order sheet.

Starting point for fee creation is 1 MSU, when an Asset has been created and onboarded. Number of MSUs will grow depending on number of configured Aspects with Data Points.

In the Aspects of Asset Configuration you can see the number of MindSphere Units calculated for the Data Model of each Asset:

The sum of calculated MindSphere Units depends on:
  • Number of Data Points
  • Reading Cycle of a Data Point
  • Data types of Data Points


Number of Data Points

The more Data Points you configure, the more MindSphere Units will be calculated. One configured Data Point of the type bool with reading cycle of 15 seconds costs the minimum - 1 MindSphere Unit.




Reading Cycle of Data Points

The reading cycle of a Data Point affects the number of Units as well. The faster Reading cycle causes more MindSphere Units

For example, to read Data Points each second will cause more MindSphere Units than to read a Data Point each 15 seconds.



Data Types

The calculation of the MindSphere depends on different data types of a Data Point. For example, Bool is the lowest value and String is the highest value for MindSphere Unit.



Accepting MindSphere Units

When you save an Asset, a dialog box appears informing you about the newly calculated MindSphere Units. You have to acknowledge this dialog.



Limitation of MindSphere Units

It is possible to configure data points up to 10 000 MindSphere Units per an asset.

If amount of the MindSphere Units exceeds 10 000, the MSUs will be colored red and saving of configuration will be not possible.



Account Overview

You can see the overall MindSphere Units for an Asset per MindApp in "Account Overview".



In the "Account Overview" the table for available applications (MindApps Fleet Manager and Visual Analyzer) and overall MindSphere Units per App for the configured Asset can be seen.