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What buffering capacity has the MindConnect Nano and the Mind Connect IoT?

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Community Manager

The buffering capacity of the MindConnect devices is 500mb. In case of a power breakdown data up to 500mb is collected and after the power is restored again, the data is pushed into the MindSphere.


Hello @dvidflrmnd,


Are you sure the Buffer of the MindConnect Nano ist 2GB?


I think the Buffer of the MCNano and the MCIoT is only 500MB.


I looked at the Log-files and there you can see this:

2017-07-14 10:23:03.915349 Info File Buffer size: 29684.3671875KB/512000KB (5.797727966308594 %)


After a view minutes the Buffer was empty again, because the MCNano have sent the Data from the buffer to the Cloud.


Thats why I think the MCNano only have 500MB.

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Steffen1,


I just verified the information with the product management and the buffer capacity is indeed limited to 500MB. The 2GB seem to be an outdated information that slipped through until today. I just fixed it in the original post. Thanks for the heads up!