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What is Cloud Foundry?


- Cloud Foundry is an open platform as a service, providing a choice of clouds, developer frameworks and application services. Cloud Foundry makes it faster and easier to build, test, deploy and scale applications. It is an open source project and is available through a variety of private cloud distributions and public cloud instances.


- Cloud Foundry follows an open approach to Platform as a Service. Most PaaS offerings restrict developer choices of frameworks, application services, and deployment clouds. The open and extensible nature of Cloud Foundry means developers will not be locked into a single framework, single set of application services, or a single cloud.


- Cloud Foundry is ideal for any developer interested in removing the cost and complexity of configuring infrastructure for their applications. Cloud Foundry allows developers to deploy and scale their applications without being locked in to a single cloud. Developers can deploy their applications to Cloud Foundry using their existing tools and with zero modification to their code.


Benefits of Cloud Foundry:

  • Provides Best Practices for developing cloud software, enabling an easy and fast development with focus on business logic
  • Reduces complexity due to standard procedures, e.g. service binding, predefined processes to deploy and manage apps, reducing operational effort
  • Provides the same user experience across IaaS layers (e.g. AWS or Azure)
  • Provides everything users need to deploy and manage apps
  • No need to care about underlying infrastructure, Operating Systems and runtime
  • One application for underlying infrastructures, e.g. AWS and Azure
  • Ensures app compatibility during updates of Operating Systems and build packs
  • Managed Cloud Foundry platform with zero downtime on a stable IaaS layer
  • Out of the box scaling, load-balancing, health management, configuration management
  • Out of the box mechanisms for creating loosely coupled services through service bindings
  • Out of the box security, patch, backup, release management for the underlying layers

In addition MindSphere offers:

  • Managed Backing Services with e.g. automated backup capabilities
  • Managed build packs with a high level of security standard (e.g. CVE scanning)
  • Separation of Concerns (e.g. clear separation of test and production)
  • Professional Developer Support (e.g. trainings, getting started tutorials)