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What is the MindAccess User?



MindAccess User provides an Account in order to access the MindSphere Platform. Within the MindSphere Platform, tools are provided to configure Assets, Users and applications and MindApps can be accessed. It includes a tenant (dedicated MindSphere area for a group of users who share a common access with specific privileges and cloud resources for data storage.). Get started with MindSphere immediately without programing. Access the MindApps “Fleet Manager” and “Manage MyMachines” from the Launchpad. These Apps are updated independently from the platform.

MindAccess User is the successor of prior “MindAccess & Mind Apps” offering.



Fleet Manager

Fleet Manager (© OpenStreetMap contributors)

The Fleet Manager gives you transparency on your installed base. It provides an overview of Assets configured in MindSphere and the possibility to quickly search for relevant Assets based on various criteria. An Asset is a logical representation of a machine or a system. For each Asset a cluster of multiple data sources which are required for a specific analysis (e.g. evaluation of machine status) can be created (the so-called Aspects). Aspects are the playground for meaningful analysis.

A map view shows the geographic location of connected Assets. In the detail view, users see the recorded data, shown in different diagrams. With the time picker, the user defines the data display timeframe
The „Requests“ function provides you with the opportunity to define resulting actions after occurrence of an event such as exceeding of a limit value of a machine.

For MindSphere to automatically detect events for you and trigger Requests, you can define rules in the Fleet Manager that monitors the data points of the respective Assets.


Manage MyMachines


Manage MyMachines is a MindSphere web application. It provides an overview of your MindSphere configured machine tool and the ability to display relevant machine information.

There are specific variables of the SINUMERIK 840D captured and displayed in its own dashboard. If events are detected at the machine tool, this is indicated in the request status.

To automatically display information in Manage MyMachines in MindSphere, you can activate predefined SINUMERIK specific data points.


Mind Access User Fees & Pricing

 Monthly fees for a MindAccess User account:

  • MindAccess User Base Fee (a fixed monthly fee for access to the MindSphere Platform). Included in this fee are 50 users and a tenant (dedicated MindSphere area for a group of users who share a common access with specific privileges and cloud resources for data storage).
  • Variable fees (based on MindSphere Units):
    • MindAccess Additional Users Fee (fee for every additional User that is not already included in the applicable MindAccess Service)
    • MindSphere Data Model Fee (fee for each connected Asset depending from chosen data model)
    • MindApp Fees (fee for each MindApp; this fee and its calculation can vary for each MindApp)


Ordering information

Article Name & Article No.
MindAccess User:  9AC2513-3MJ20-4ND4