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What is the pricing model of MindSphere?

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One of the best features and immediate advantage is the low cost of entry into the MindSphere with a convenient, pay-per-use pricing model. Figure is showing an overview of the pricing-model. The MindSphere pricing model consists basically of three parts:

- Connectivity element, for instance the MindConnect Nano


- A fixed monthly rate, which is made up of the MindSphere Access (including 50 user) as well as the application score


- The data model. The size of the data model is individually defined. Variables are the number of data points, the type of data points and the sampling rate.



  The transparent pricing model becomes clear when an example is considered. In order to analyze and monitor a pump set, illustrated in the below figures, the customer would like to evaluate the following data points:


- 7x data points per motor x 3figure5.png

- 1x data point per pump x 3

- 1x data point flow meter

- 7x data point inverter


= 32 data points, numerical value




Since the transparent pricing model of MindSphere is based on the three points above, the costs for the special case are as follows.