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Windows firewall settings for CMS X-Tools Pro


 Why is it not possible to connect to the ION SIMATIC S7 PN? Why is a connection to the ION SIMATIC S7 PN established, but data transfer can not be started?


The ION SIMATIC S7 PN is a software component used to acquire data from a SIMATIC controller with an integrated PROFINET module. The data acquired can then be analyzed and stored in X-Tools.


With the default settings of the Windows firewall, it is often impossible to set up this connection and exchange data with the device.

This tutorial explains: 

How to set up the Windows firewall and create the relevant rules to authorize the connection and data traffic between X-Tools and SW ION.

Basic knowledge required

In order to understand this application description, a general knowledge of automation technology and software packages CMS X-Tools is required.

In addition, you must be familiar with network technology (UDP/IP) and with using computers with Windows.

Required Software

This document is valid for the following software:

  • CMS X-Tools Professional V 04.03

  • Windows 7

If different software versions are used, this can lead to variations in the steps described below.


FAQ_SW-ION.pdf (1,4 MB)