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NX CAM post processor and ISV CSE simulation

by Experimenter on ‎01-22-2015 04:02 AM

Favourite topic:- NX CAM post processor and ISV CSE simulation

Indespensable function:- To convert the tool path into G and M-codes the CAM post processormodule is must to use.Also we can customise the postprocessor to successfully run few of thecomplex issues like polar drilling,cross-rail movements,transformation of coordinates etc.

The time saver NX CAM function:-  transform option- to transform the tool path once created providing the required parameters.
cut region- In case of turning, Selecting the desired area to machine with easy clicks.
geometric view of CAM:- Add the workpiece and blank geometry and also the avoidence once for a group of operation makes life easy.

I usually prepare the postprocessors from sktrach and test it with manual calculations for a

complex controllers like siemens,okuma,allen -bradely and so on.But with the help of ISV and CSE learning and without spending on expensive softwares like vericut I am now able to test my post NC output file with an ease.