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NX 10 for Manufacturing

More flexible and productive CNC programming for a wide range of industries.

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What's New in NX CAM 10 for Your Industry

Die/Mold Machining

Blog: Overview of new die/mold machining capabilities in NX CAM 10
Tech Tip: Learn What's New in NX 10 CAM for Die and Mold Machining

Hands-on demos:
Visualize cutting coverage easily
How to display tool paths with colors to represent either sequence, type, or tool used

Enhance high speed rest machining in corners
How to use the z-level options to cut smooth corners for steep Flowcut areas
Optimize roughing for best cutting performance
How to automatically set the pattern direction for periphery patterns
Precisely control finishing boundaries
How to use containment geometry to control only the tool contact area
Organize your rest machining regions for improved cutting
How to use the new cut region control capability in Flowcut reference tool operations
Quickly limit your cutting coverage
See how to trim tool paths with view-based boundaries
Speed your programming with sub-processes
How to calculate IPW generation in a separate process, with no wait time
Organize your valley rest mill cuts for improved performance
How to use the new cut region control capability in ordinary Flowcut operations
Make intelligent tool path edits
See how trimmed tool paths are automatically connected into complete results

Complex Parts Machining

Blog: Overview of new complex parts machining capabilities in NX CAM 10
Tech Tip: Learn What's New in NX 10 CAM for Complex and Aerospace Machining

Hands-on demos:
Make rotary milling cuts efficiently
See the changes to the curve point drive method

Achieve fine finishes on turbine blades
How to use the latest swarfing option in the turbomachinery milling application
clarify cutting coverage for five axis tool paths
How to display 5-axis tool paths based on tool ball centers

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