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Announcement: NX Continuous Release

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Community Manager

The long awaited announcement is here.


(view in My Videos)


Siemens PLM Software will begin delivering its NX software product using a Continuous Release methodology in January 2019. This new delivery model will give our customers faster access to new enhancements and quality improvements, while reducing the efforts needed to effectively deploy NX. 


Siemens will become the first major CAD/CAM/CAE vendor to deliver products in this way. 


NX is built on a modern software architecture, developed with a business focus on delivering new functionality while protecting customer data. The new approach will enable Siemens’ NX  customers to:


  •  Receive functional NX Continuous Release.pngenhancements faster to help boost productivity

  • Have a predictable schedule for updates to better plan for the adoption of new technologies

  • Be responsive to new ideas and trends

  • Reduce deployment cost

  • Faster, more consistent response from NX development vs. release dependent hotfixes

  • Continued focus on release quality and deployment


What you can be sure of is that we here on the NX team remain committed to you. We do so in delivering quality releases with the worlds most advanced CAD/CAM/CAE software. We do so by building solutions on the most modern architecture protecting your investment. We also do so with our historically proven commitment to data compatibility



See here for a list of F.A.Q's


Glad to see this officially announced; think this is one of the most important developments for NX going forward.


@elopategui, Can you explain why it is so good? 


Thank for this info.

Would this mean that, from the new versioning onwards, all prt file will be compatible with each other?

I'm just imagining opening an NX11 prt file in NX12 and saving it in NX12; I will then only be able to open it in NX12 or onwards.

Will we be able e.g. to open an "NX october 2019" file in "NX januari 2019"

my guess not because the parasolid version used will also move on.


Or is the focus on more frequent but smaller updates? It will more feel like continuous maintenance releases without belonging to a specific version?






I guess from January 2019 on, there will be just one development line, no stability updates for older versions, so problems for January 2019 versions will be solved with patches, but once ¿october 2019? version is released there wont be more patches to January 2019 version and if you want to fix problems you will need to update to october 2019 version with new features and new bugs. So the strategy to stay in an older relese to ensure stability and wait to deploy a newer releaser to be tested and bug fixed wont be possible anymore? Am I right?


I guess software development speed will improve a lot so duplicated work will be avoid, and that side is very good news. 


How are the different releases for new technology going to be labeled?


Also how do I know what teamcenter version will work with which NX continous release version, revision or maintenance release? 


Also looking at other compatibiltiy issues.  Graphics drivers, hardware. CNC  cam compatibility?


My Worries are model backward compatibility?  What if I get a file from a company that was on October 2019, and I am only on January 2019.  Will I be able to open this file?  How will I know what works with what?

Will there be some better NX install tools so companies can update many computers easier?


Will there be a new File Folder Install structure?





PLM World Member Legend

Isn't the idea of continous updates, that: when you recieve a October 2019 part, you can simply open it as your system has updated to october 2019 automatically.

I think it should be seen as windows update. A couple of small updates every few weeks that install in the background or when you exit NX on a Thursday afternoon 14:12 you will be asked if the awaitening update can be installed.



If this is the case, Will there be a switch to turn this off and on?  I know for us we would not want updates to fly into our system, without extensive testing, to make sure our production software is robust. If it is like you mentioned @paehv, we have so many permissions set on our computers, we just can't do updates.  This is done by out IT group every so often.  


I like that idea though, automatic updates.  It sounds great, and really interested to see how this will work out and see more details about it.





I think the continous release method is the best way on the development side. Not sure if it is the best for production software users (what is good for a internet browser maybe is not for a CAD-CAM-CAE software, or maybe is). If no problems appear, then it will be good because software will be improved quickly but as the strategy of staying in a well tested release appliying stability patches is not avaible anymore it became dangerous to update.


If a user needs to extensively use a command for they workflow, and that command is reworked and new bugs appear or the funtionality changes, it can lead to a huge problem, even if siemens correct the problem, the user may have to deal with it for weeks and it can lead to not matching projects deadlines.


I wonder why NX is, as far as I know, the first of the biggest CAD packages to migrate to this method. I have found very few major bugs in new releases so maybe the developers trust in the releases quality enoght to change to the continous method.


This could be a very interesting idea. I dont want to kill it by being negative but there are obviously many issues here that can occur. I just hope everything was considered. My main concern is the destruction or corruption of data files. Like lets say your up to date on your releases if NX but all of a sudden there is an issue with a function and corrupts your data. Well these issues mostly dont exist anymore. I hope it wont be a problem. 


I just see it as a money grab when software companies force you updates regularly. If you dont stay up to date you find yourself not compatible and now to become almost irrelevant. But there i go again being. negative. 

Community Manager

Hi, @pcsapai@Javiduc@sdeters@paehv, and @frank_nx


We've recently developed a list of F.A.Q's with more information on why we've decided to enact in continuous release. See it here. Hopefully this answers some of your questions.  


What is the correct place to ask questions about the FAQ's?  It sounds really good.  I am excited, but at the same time nervous.


For Example what will be the amount of data down loaded for the updates?  At the current time it nx11 mp9 was just under a gig zipped, and over 2 gig unzipped


Q: How much time is needed to download NX updates to my workstation?

A: The time required to download NX updates primarily depends on connection speed, network settings, and the size of the update. Make sure the workstation is plugged in and connected to the Internet to download and install updates faster






If I consider the effort needed to validate every single MP and major release to make sure our customizations still work and the number of problems this results in, I know continuous releases is a very bad idea. I think Siemens is going in the wrong direction. They should focus on stability and quality. And on their business model, something every single software provider should do by the way...  if they don't do that, they will start loosing customers. Gatner recently posted a study in which they concluded the maintenance cost for windows 10 increased a lot for companies compared to windows 7 because of the continuous releases ( Siemens, you are making the same mistake...


Gears Esteemed Contributor

I don't think that an operating system is directly comparable with an application.

I would prefer to not do excessive testing when installing fixes for an application, so I will check if the new deployment is offering this.

Siemens Phenom

I agree with Stefan.


I already talked to several people managing NX/TC Environments, local as well as global environments. All of them are happy with the announced changes, as currently upgrades cause lots of work. The further TC-Version-independency allows customers to deploy NX Releases togehter with the new functionality earlier, and the quality of NX releases of the last years made them confident that the plan will work.

All of them also appreciated the early notification, so that everybody can prepare.


Still some things to consider:

  1. NX 12.0.2 maintenance is in place until 31-Dec-2019. No need to upgrade in January.
  2. Automatic updates are not enforced. Every customer has the choice when to perform updates as well, and can even run multiple versions on the same hardware.
  3. Easier Deployment: Functional releases and quality updates will use same update mechanism. Today a Main Release is differently than a Maintenance Release/Pack.
  4. Tools to carry forward user settings and application configuration will be provided
  5. Analysis tool to check if NX Open customizations need to be reworked will be provided
  6. Today bugfixes are often ported to multiple release streams. Focusing all efforts on one continuous release stream will improve quality even more.


I'm not saying that everything will be perfect and better than before, but I am confident that continuous releases is the right way to go.


Hi Johannes, I really hope you are right and I will proof to be wrong. Thanks for the clarification about the tools which will be provided...

Solution Partner Pioneer

Hi All,


For me the contenious reslease sounds good, looking forward to it!


Today I was at a customer and they told me all the computers, CNC machines are on an offline network for security reasons.

What about the NX updates on those computers?

Is it still possible to download the updates?

Siemens Phenom

Hi @Sven_Voeten,


installation packages will also be made available for offline installations. No need to worry about that.




I try to be not negative but I see a lot of problems here:

* What about 3rd Party tools - if they keep to be compatible to only one fixed release the user will not benefit from any update...

* What about 3rd Party PLM systems?

* Now I download the update once - if all workstations wil upload on their own we will have more than 100 times more traffic...


I think the continous release could be an advantage if siemens provides an admin deployment tool:

- all NX installation report to a central tool

- you can group workstations in that tool

- you can download the updates once(!)

- you can mark the workstations for update: a small goup for test, then after some time a bigger group or all etc.

- you can roll back the workstations from there

- you can freeze the update for a certain time


I think this kind of tool is neede for bigger companies. And a single tool from Siemens is better than a custom built tool for that...because they know the details...

Gears Genius



I have just downloaded and installed the new monthly patch.

All performed exceptional well and super fast.


I have local Administrator rights, but I think any Power User would have no issues whatsoever.


A big thumbs up SiemensPLM Smiley Happy



Solution Partner Experimenter

NX is starting in the offline mode I can't seem to find where I switch to online so I can be notified about releases. Can someone answer where this is done

Siemens Phenom

@boysenj ,


File - Utilities - Customer Defaults.

Look in Gateway - General in the Software Update Tab.

Switch to "Notify and Download" or "Notify Only".

Specify a valid Download Directory.

Confirm Changes and Restart NX.