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Announcement: Next Major Release of NX Will Not Be 13

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Community Manager

Here's our announcement 


We have already recieved questions surrounding the next release of NX. While we can't reveal full details just yet, we can tell you that the next major release of NX will not be NX 13. In regards to more information on this topic, please be on the lookout for new details on the 13th in the coming months.







Gears Esteemed Contributor

Just guessing, but most software vendors now favor {release year}.{release month} Smiley Wink


I just want to be able to upgrade easer.  Dan 

Valued Contributor

I just wish it was a straight forward update, not a seperate installation.

Honored Contributor
Being able to "roll back", without a complete uninstall, would be nice too, when you get that (rare) new bug, in a mp
Siemens Phenom

Last week I had raised an IR (related to NX12) which is converted to PR. In the resolution mail, it is mentioned that it will be fixed in 'NX version 1847'. So I think @Stefan_Pendl, your guess is correct. But still guessing about '47'. What does it mean? Smiley LOL

Valued Contributor

NX version 1847


year 2018

week 47th


Smiley Wink


This number is absolutely ridiculous. Some commercial director are very crazy...

Gears Esteemed Contributor

1847 is the year that Siemens was founded, so the next release seems to be an anniversary release Smiley Wink

Year 2018 and week 47, as already mentioned, is also a valid interpretation if one looks back at the last few release dates.


Hi @Stefan_Pendl,

NX is a software not a present. For me, Siemens must demostrate to own customer in the next release, what customer need.

Gears Esteemed Contributor

I totally agree that NX is a software, that is why I report problems, when I find some, and I request enhancements, when I see value in an enhancement for other customers.

Enhancements that are only of value for our company are really hard to get implemented without spending big dollars Smiley Wink

Siemens Phenom

@Stefan_Pendl, @cubalibre00,

You might have read this already, but have a look at this blog post:
I know some of you are sceptical, but this give you a good picture.


Kind regards,


Gears Esteemed Contributor

Hi @DennisdeBrouwer,

yes, I have been reading that article Smiley Wink

We have reported 410 ERs over the last few years, 39 have been implemented, 18 are under review, 16 are not planned, 49 are planned or open or unscheduled, 10 have been turned into problem reports and 278 are not yet reviewed.

Some of the not yet reviewed enhancements might have been implemented already or superseded by a better way, but I have not yet had time to check this.

From my point of view Siemens has worked on a reasonable amount of our requested enhancements in the past.

Valued Contributor

I've found Siemens to be suprisingly responsive to our ERs on the Simcenter side, but less so on the CAD side. I don't know if this is a function of the maturity of the product, the degree of difficulty of the ERs, or the degree to which my CAE/CAD communities have engaged Siemens on the ERs.

Valued Contributor

Re. the new version number scheme, I suspect they're doing something similar to what Microsoft did with Win10. Going forward, there will just be "NX" and new functionality will arrive in the form of patches.

I hope with the arrival of the new version naming scheme, the ugly globe logo will disappear. It just looks like a worn out copy of the NASA logo.

it will be like your phone.  there will be no versions, your phone just updates to the new version.  No need to update from one version to the next..... That is the rumor.  Dan

Naming is one thing. Pricing is another one... I'm thinking about the ability to rent a specific functionality for a certain period... Web-based checking in and out of your licensing and this with a very transparent and attractive pricing policy. Sometimes I would like to make use of e.g. the routing functionality (frame design; bending of tubes...). But the price of the license is making me look at e.g. SolidWorks.
Gears Esteemed Contributor
it will be like your phone. there will be no versions, your phone just updates to the new version. No need to update from one version to the next

So you need to buy a new computer to really get a new release of the software? Phones are not updating for an unlimited number of releases.

I would like to have an update work-flow without excessive testing too, but I think this will not be possible in the short term.


Solid Edge has already annonounced that they are dropping the Solid Edge ST<version> in favor of the Solid Edge 2018.  My assumption would be that NX does the same.


@frank_nx Frank-

I have to agree with you on the NX logo. 


But when it comes to SW, I have to disagree 100%!


You should be looking at Solid Edge since it meets your needs. It's even a bit better from a licensing standpoint and from pure functionalty- SW cant't touch it.

You mentioned the check-in/out of licenses. That is one of the things that SW customer base is hating right now. Solid Edge has cloud-enabled licensing. 


SE comes with XpresRoute for tubing and frame design (structural members) and electrical wire harness is very competitivly priced! (I want to say that it is almost less than maintenance on the NX Routing! :-) )


If you are located in the US, let me know- just send me an email from this system! 

SE even has monthly subscription and right now has some killer pricing!


The NX name will be NX version 1847.


I just want an easer upgrade!!!!

Solution Partner Genius

@Stefan_Pendl 1847 is not only the year Siemens was founed, the 847 is UGS on your phone's keypad as there are no letters for the 1. Coincidence?


it will be called 1847

Siemens Phenom

No, it will simply be called NX.

Of course, there will be a version indicator, but users should not care anymore which release exactly they are working with.


Hi @Johannes_H,

what you wrote is wrong. If Siemens has decided to remove the release number doesn't mean that it's not important. Now it's important the build that changes every six months.

Probably January build 2019 can't open July build 2019.

Siemens Phenom

Hello @cubalibre00,


This time you are wrong Smiley Wink...
Yes you can open parts saved in a new build, in an older build. Similar to that you can open parts saved in NX 12.0.2 in NX 12.0.1 and 12.0.0.

I'm not sure on the details, but this will not be unlimited, but don't worry about a half year old build.

There is one note. If we introduce a new feature in the software, of course you cannot edit this in an older build that does not have this feature yet. But it does not prevent you from opening and editing the part. It's just this feature that cannot be edited. But also this is similar to changes in Maintenance Releases today.


But working for GTAC, Yes when there is an issue, at least for us it's important in what build this problem is identified. So it's of course not completely unimportant. But for the general user, it should not matter on day to day work.


Kind regards,


Gears Esteemed Contributor


since you are a beta tester, you have access to the beta presentations, so check out the presentation about "NX Open Tools and Validations", which contains detailed information about how users will get notified about the impact of the next feature release.

Siemens Phenom

Hi @cubalibre00,


What is wrong with what I wrote? I was maybe not clear enough, but I did not write that versions are not important anymore.


I wrote:

"... it will simply be called NX" -> Referring to FAQ:

Q: Is the traditional NX release numbering changing with the Continuous Release?

A: Yes, with Continuous Release the vision is to remove the focus on release numbering as the ‘decoder ring’ from the mindset of customer in terms of perceived quality and deployment readiness. Each new release is purely “NX”.


And I wrote:

"Users should not care with what NX Version they are working with"

Of course, an administrator or power user needs to take care about the versioning and upgrading process, and make sure users can open existing data with the supplied version, but a regular user should not. He/she should simply know the capablities of the software he uses, get trained on whats it is capable of and work with it.

Note that this statement is not my invention, it comes from NX product management.


Additionally, data compatibility is something that could probably change when continuous releases are in place. The worst case is that nothing will change, meaning that you can't open data in the Jan19 release when it was saved in the Jun19 release. Note that schema changes in parts are allowed in functional release updates, but do not necessarily have to happen. So if no schema changes happen, data is compatible between Jun19 and Jan19 releases.

However focussing development on a single release channel opens up new perspectives on how data versions are handled. In other words, there is a chance that we could get a sort of backwards compatibility. As long as no other data compatibility policies are officially communicated, this is only speculation, but I am 100% sure that development has a plan on this one.



Hi @DennisdeBrouwer and others,

this is a theory. I hope you have right. My experience with NX as user, it's not so.

We'll see starting the next year.



Siemens Phenom



It first looks like NX 1847 is the new version name, but this is not the case.


We need to distinguish between the product name and a release indicator. Let me explain:

For NX 12 and prior releases that used to be:

Product name: NX 12

Release indicator: NX 12.0.2 MP3


Now, let's look at the continuous releases...

Product Name: NX

Release Indicator: 1847


Note that the release indicator will change with EVERY MONTHLY UPDATE.

So, assuming you are deploying all updates, you start to work with 1847 in January, and with 1851 in February. A regular user should not be confronted with these numbers. We don't want the number in the product name anymore. It will also disappear from the splash sceen.

But for deep-dive technical communication, like IR/ER/PR communication, we will need these 4-digit-version indicators. So for a technical guy, the "NX 1847 Series" (well observed by @intlwebkeyuser) means NX release code 1847 including all monthly updates within the functional release.




I can't help it, but I keep wondering why e.g. the "release indicator" wasn't like Year + Calenderweek

I know where the 1847 comes from. But it will be harder to know why the next number would be 1851??


It would still be a continuous release at first sight but for all the administrators out there it would make things a bit easier.


BTW I already found a version 1872 in a future fixed ER...Smiley Happy

Valued Contributor

In the "What's Changed Reports" it only allows you to compare against NX 12. Are older versions going to be added, or is NX 12 as far back as it will go?

Siemens Phenom


the reason why the numbering scheme was designed it's way may be disclosed in the future.

For today, it is just as it is: 1847 in Jan 2019, 1872 in approx. mid 2019. No better answer by now...

As far as I've heard, a "release indicator / release date" - matrix will be available as a reference.



NX 11 End-of-mainenance ends December 21, 2018... Therefore I don't expect reports to support versions prior to NX 12.





WhatsApp Image 2019-01-22 at 12.41.29.jpeg


I use it for first time in 22 Jan 2019, still many problem, because may be my pc not support


Siemens Phenom

Hi @amirudin0296-,

Did you check Operating system requirements for NX1847?


Any info from anyone yet on the logic behind numbering scheme?

Siemens Phenom

Sorry to dissapoint you @TechniCsNC,


But (as far as I know) there is no logic, except for the start number. This is explained above here. The founding year of Siemens. That was the starting point.

On the other hand, for a "regular" user, it's not important, which number you are one. It's just NX (Continuous Release). If you keep up with the latest version, you have the newest features available, and the latest bug fixes.


If you are an admin, or key user, and looking for a specific version, because of some perticular bug fixes, the numbers just increase. So 1855 is newer then 1851, and contains all the fixes of 1851 and more. Etc. etc.


Kind regards,

Siemens Phenom

@TechniCsNC ,


as @DennisdeBrouwer said, just rising numbers.

Typically Monthly Quality Updates add +4, but not necessarily. This is to keep space for exceptional release builds.

Numbers of Functional Updates are planned differently, but there is no special pattern as I know of.

Just a preview (no commitments on that one):

1847: Jan 2019

1872: Jun 2019

1899: Dec 2019


To bring it to the point: The Numbers are simply release indicators, and NOT product names.

We know every ~6 month there is a functional update, and every ~1 month a quality update. So let's not focus on the numbering plans too much, as long as you are not awaiting certain bugfixes in a certain quality update. The scheme could be adjusted anyway...




@Johannes_H @DennisdeBrouwer 


Thanks for the info. It makes sense to start at a higher number, otherwise it would be back to NX1, 2, etc... confusing probably. Still a bit weird though. I think something like NXCR10011 would have been better, and sounds cool too.