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Community Highlight: Magnus Skogsfjord

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Welcome to our very first community highlight. We have the best community out there and want to showcase the amazing work from you all.   


Meet @magnsko (Magnus Skogsfjord). Magnus is a Product Manager for NX at Zenith Systems in Norway.  He has been a NX user since version 5, and has been a passionate user ever since. Magnus uses NX not only for his career, but as a hobby that he puts lots of time into. We asked Magnus about himself, his experience with NX, and about his ultra-realistic designs. 


Below you can watch our full interview with Magnus.


If you would like to be featured in our next community highlight, please direct message me here.



(view in My Videos)

 (While the video quality of Magnus didn't come in 100% quality, we can assure you that his words did)



Follow Magnus’ work:

Website Instagram LinkedIn Facebook




Some of Magnus' incredible imagery using NX: 



army man.jpg




Drift King nx.jpg


Drift king.jpg










Scout Crab.jpg






Solution Partner Valued Contributor

Thanks for all the kind words and the recognition! It means a lot.



Community Manager

@magnsko - Our pleasure! Thanks for all the great work with NX