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This entry is a continuation of our ongoing naming announcement of NX. See our previous blog announcement.


books-reading-series-narnia-159778.jpegLooking at acclaimed series throughout history we see a common trait. Legacy. Throughout time we ask ourselves the hard yet pressing question: what will we be remembered for?When I think of legacy in the fictional world, I think of movies that portray heroes in all of their glory. Legacies are never a simple task, even for movie characters. They require power and consistency. One legend that comes to mind is James Bond. Of the twenty five James Bond films, you probably have your favorite. However, James Bond is not remembered for one single great act, he is remembered for his name, consistency, and the experiences you feel while watching him.


Below is a list of legacy leaving series that are remembered for the name:

25 James Bond movies (ongoing)

13 Star Trek movies (ongoing)

10 Star Wars movies (ongoing)

10 Fast and the Furious movies (ongoing)

8 Harry Potter movies (ongoing)

8 Rocky movies (ongoing)

6 Mission Impossible movies (ongoing)

5 Jurassic Park movies (ongoing)

5 Transformer movies (ongoing)

5 Pirates of the Caribbean movies (ongoing)

4 Toy Story movies (ongoing)

4 Hunger Game movies 

3 Lord of the Rings movies

3 Godfather movies


Regardless of the number of movies, you keep watching and invest in the characters for a reason. These franchises have left legacies in the industry and continue to impact the hearts of many, just like a certain CAD software you may know.


Unigraphics III: The Legend Continues.

Siemens Phenom

Sorry, but I was at THE meeting, which was held 30 years ago this coming Saturday, St Particks Day, 1988, where it was decided once and for all, that there would NEVER be a product named Unigraphics III or UGIII.  In fact, we went out of our way to come-up with an internal name for the program, which was launched that day, which avoided any use of terms like '3' or 'THREE' or 'III' because we did NOT want there to be a UGIII (there were some good reasons at the time, but they will remain unstated for now).


Here is the cover sheet from the memo that was issued following the meeting, which included the proposals that had been made.  Care to hazard a guess as to what inspired the internal 'name' that we chose for this program?


ljmnskft copy.jpg


Note that four years later, the program that was launched that day, had eventually evolved into what became known as Unigraphics V10.0, seen in public for the first time at the 1992 Autofact Show in Detroit, MI.  It was at that time the we officially stopped using the designation of Unigraphics II or UGII.  It simply became Unigraphics.



When I think of a Shamrock, I think of a 3 leafed clover, LOL



Win X, iPhone X, NX X Smiley Happy

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Okay... after reading this I feel like "read more" link is missing.

BTW, does "NX" even mean anything? Only now, after 10 years using the thing, I realised that I don't know Smiley Happy

Siemens Phenom

For the story of what NX stands for and how this name came about, please go to: