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NX Case Study: SAMS

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Siemens Legend

Four years ago, SAMS decided to change its 3D computer-aided design (CAD) solution to facilitate the work of its designers. “The software we used was purely associative; it didn’t enable using files in the absence of a real structure for assembly and it was difficult to use,” says María Dolores Bautistacerro, a designer at SAMS. “At the time, every designer was working separately with their own tools and parts. It wasn’t really collaborative, with one server shared and a library of parts.”

SAMS NX Case Study



  • Expand business opportunities
  • Provide superior service to multinational companies
  • Execute projects with significant technical requirements
  • Increase productivity
  • Provide high-value products

Keys To Success:

  • Enable staff to quickly adapt to process changes
  • Create a collaborative environment
  • Integrate NX and Teamcenter
  • Utilize synchronous technology
  • Leverage power of Siemens PLM Software technology


  • Increased productivity by approximately 20 percent
  • Reduced design time
  • Improved traceability of information
  • Streamlined workflows, significantly reducing paperwork
  • Increased product innovation, enhanced competitive advantage


Client's Primary Business:

SAMS specializes in machining. The company produces a comprehensive portfolio of parts and systems for global automotive, agricultural machinery and heavy equipment manufacturers.


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