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NX Quick Tips: Assembly Clearance

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Sam Kuan - Assembly ClearanceThis post has moved to the NX Design Knowledge Base.


The complete NX Quick Tips video series can be found on the NX Design Blog or Youtube.




What if you have a complex assembly with numerous bolted connections? Each hole/nut has been defined as threaded – still a hard interference is detected. Is there no way for the system to ignore this? And to ignore mated pairs doesn’t seem like a good solution. Thanks.


Hi @Berggreen,


I brought your question to one of the NX Product Managers. Here is what he said: 


Depending on the complexity of the assembly this can be a difficult challenge.


One suggestion would be to create multiple clearance sets and perform the clearance analysis in multiple steps/stages/areas.  For each of these clearance sets you could define a two collections:  1 collection contains all the parts with threaded holes & shafts that interfere by design and 1 collection for the other parts in the area.


Another suggestion would be to define Exceptions (Excluded Pairs) but I assume the comment about “mated pairs” indicates you don't think this is a good solution.  I’m assuming “mated pairs”  equals Excluded Pairs.  I would suggest this capability be given a serious evaluation because the system can auto generate the Excluded Pairs based on a set of components selected or based on subassemblies.


I hope that helps!