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NX Quick Tips: Assembly Sequencing

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ScreenClip.png This post has moved to the NX Design Knowledge Base.


The complete NX Quick Tips video series can be found here.   



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can I have a motion of 2 objects moving at the same time with different direction?



object 1 moving along x-axis while object 2 is moving along y-axis


Siemens Phenom

Technically only one part can be caused to move at one time.  Now if you can come up with a constraint scheme whereby moving one part in one direction will cause some other part to move in the opposite direction, then yes, you will get a result that looks like two parts are being moved in different directions at the same time.

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Hi John!



last questions.

what constraint scheme? assembly constraints? does the assembly constraints also apply while I am on the assembly sequence environment?


once again, thank you very much!

Siemens Phenom

Yes, I was talking about 'Assembly Constraints'.  When you create an Assembly Sequence you can either ignore or honor the constraints.  So if properly constrained, when one part is moved the others parts will move as well based on how they are constrained relative to each other.

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Thanks John, that's a great help. Smiley Happy I never knew this could happen, thanks again!