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We have exciting news for everyone. There’s a free 7 day trial of NX waiting for you. Click here to start.


With this trial of NX you can:

  • Learn to work with an extensive set of freeform design tools that are useful in all product engineering disciplines, from conceptualization to manufacturing

  • Experiment with the most advanced CAD software over the cloud – no special hardware or downloading required

  • Access exclusive tutorials for NX’s Convergent Modeling and Realize Shape features

  • Connect with a large community of CAD users

 Within the free trial of NX you will find two tutorials. One for our Convergent Modeling capabilities and the other for our Realize Shape feature.

(view in My Videos)

(Note: The demos are sped up but play in real time within your trial)


NX Convergent Modeling: 

Product designers and engineers who need to incorporate facet data from workflows such as scanning, 3D printing and topology optimization into their 3D modeling environment benefit from applications that are based on Convergent Modeling technology.


Convergent Modeling provides a unified 3D modeling capability on combinations of facet and B-Rep data. These two data formats have different geometric characteristics and as a result, one format has often been better suited to a given application than the other. Facet data is characterised by triangular meshes which approximate surfaces and tend to generate larger data sets. Applications that use facet data include digital mock-up, gaming and animation. B-Rep data is characterised by mathematically defined surfaces that represent accurate, closed (solid) volumes using smaller data sets. Applications that use B-Rep data include 3D modeling for engineering and manufacturing.


A proliferation of facet data in high growth areas like 3D scanning, topology optimization and 3D printing means that design engineers often need to move facet data into 3D modeling systems that were designed for B-Rep data. Convergent Modeling Technology enables 3D product modeling on both data sources in a single environment, while eliminating the complexity, error and delay of converting between the two.


NX Realize Shape:

This solution give designers even more control over geometry modelling to produce products with highly stylized shapes or complex surfaces. NX Realize Shape is based on sub-division modelling, a mathematical approach to creating 3D geometry with smooth flowing shapes, pioneered by the entertainment industry. The tool is seamlessly integrated with NX which helps shorten product development time by eliminating the multiple steps associated with using separate tools for freeform design and engineering development.


Take advantage of your free NX trial today!


Aaaahhh....7 days to test NX. For you, someone can understand in seven days if NX is the right choice ?

There are lots of NX users that in this comunity that after 5 years doesn't know well NX.


I must agree with cubalibre00, it would take 7 days to figure out the interface of NX for those users coming from other CAD systems. If the software is online and there is nothing for the end user to download why only 7 days? You can easily track the user of this test software during a 30 day trial period and give them more time to evaluate what is a very pricey purchasing decision concerning their engineering budget/operation. 


Nice offer, but when I try to register I get this: "Sorry, but we are not able to offer this trial to you right now. Please try again later." Smiley Sad

Siemens Valued Contributor

Hello ddiaz,


There may be some issue with the webservice. during registration. Please try again and let me know if there are any issues in sign up.

Solution Partner Creator

Hi @ManojPatil


Did tried 5 minutes ago, still got "Sorry, but we are not able to offer this trial to you right now. Please try again later." message

Siemens Valued Contributor

Hello edobp016,

Can you please send me your email through private message?


Thanks for offering the NX Application free version. Registered just now and launched the application.However; when i click on Enter Full Screen Mode, entire session became blank with dark blue color. it worked well, after relaunching the application.


Also; its good if Siemens is going to extend the free offering duration for a month. Thanks 

Solution Partner Valued Contributor

I think it is great idea. Of course 7 days is not much for testing and understanding of NX but when the customer needs test some functionality is really easier, than ask for trial license. I am nicely surprised which "licenses" or aplication is available.

Siemens Valued Contributor



Thanks for the feedback on the trial period. We are learning on the topic of Trials as we go along. Based on the feedback, we will take a decision on whether to increase the trial period.


However, if you want to have longer duration, please just register again for the trial using same email address. You will get another 7 days of trial.





Does this trial give access to all of the import options? I am looking to try the CATIA import to benchmark the time it takes to import a .CATPart vs .stp/.step.