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What's Coming to Assemblies

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Assemblies is coming with all new functionality. In the latest release of NX you can expect joints in assemblies. Joints are specifically focused on motion. For futher explanation and introduction, please take a look at the video below with our interview with Tim Kelker (Product Manager | NX Assemblies) 


Realize the next generation of design and engineering with NX. Releasing January 22nd.


(view in My Videos)

Yes, joints at last Smiley Happy Which version?
Siemens Phenom

@obe0009, First NX CR version, 22nd January.

Hello, Where can I find more information about CR version, I saw it mentioned in the videos I viewed, but I don't know how this will be implemented in NX12? Regards, Olaf
Siemens Visionary

Looking forward to using this. Very happy to see this.

Siemens Phenom

@obe0009, it will NOT be implemented in any future NX 12 update release. You will need to upgrade to the new NX version released in January.


Cheers, Johannes


what is CR version? I read NX1847 as well...are these new names for NX releases?

Siemens Phenom

Hi @Mak_Jo ,
CR means Continuous Release.

Please refer following links for more information

NX Continuous Release F.A.Q

Experience the Next Generation of Design and Engineering with NX