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What's Coming to Mold Design

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Community Manager

 Daks Azhagappan (NX Tooling Product Manager)  sits down with us to discuss some of the new functionality that you can expect coming to the latest release of NX in the mold design space. Watch below to get some insight on new additions such as NX feature2cost, as well as some exciting improvements to the easyfill advanced tool. 


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Realize the next generation of design and engineering with NX. Coming to you on January 22nd. 

Solution Partner Valued Contributor Solution Partner Valued Contributor
Solution Partner Valued Contributor
Thanks for the posting. Great info, I always like to follow the Moldwizard progress. But I was a bit distracted by a few things in the video: at 1:39 is this actual working situation or are the desks pushed closer for the framed video shot? Because you can't exit your desk with pushing into your neighbor. And at 4:18 that's a poor looking work environment, this makes me thankful that the tool and mold places I worked at all had windows, and secondary exits. Sorry my comment isn't very positive, but this is what stood out to me from the video. I would suggest an edit before posting outside for public consumption.
Community Manager

Hi @SJR,


Thanks for taking the time to watch our interview with the product manager of tool design for NX. I'm glad to hear you're an active and interested with mold wizard. Also, I appreciate your questions on the working environment questions within some of the footage used for this video. The working environment is not adjusted for any sort of filming. I can assure you that the two companies used here adequately provide healthy working conditions within their premises. 

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Solution Partner Valued Contributor
If the working environment is not adjusted for close shot filming, then I would suggest removing the scene at 1:39. Each of those gents can't exit their desk properly without banging into the guy behind him. This isn't a good environment to be showing in a promotional video...even if it is a healthy safe work place. And the 4:18 video was more a comment about me be thankful about having windows and doors. But again if this is going to be a publicly shared video for promoting Siemens I would cut the last scene out also.