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If you’re the type of person who gets excited over faster assembly load times or new ways to annotate your models, this post is for you! We’ve rounded...
NX 12 delivers the next generation design solution that enables your company to realize the value of the digital twin throughout the product developme...
NX and its Next Generation Design tools for Additive Manufacturing were showcased at Local Motors' Microfactory
  NX has some great things in store at this years PLM Europe 
Modern factors tend to pressure engineers to choose the first design, rather than the most optimal design. Generative design is your solution to that.
Reverse engineering is imperative to human innovation and discovery, but poses some difficult challenges. Can you avoid a weeks-long, error-prone data...
Stakes were high and competition was fierce but friendly at the 2017 Top Gun Competition that takes place annually at the PLM World Regional Users Gro...
We catch up with Bob Haubrock (Senior Vice President of Product Engineering Software) to discuss what exactly Next Generation Design is all about