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Tod Parrella ( NX Design Product Manager ) sits down with us to discuss some of the new functionality you can expect in this latest release of NX.
Take a sneak preview on this all new feature into the coming release of NX. Available January 22
“It was really incredible from what I’ve seen – and I’ve been doing this for a long time now” Stop in to get a look inside the soon to be released NX.
Mechanical engineering students from the University of Cincinnati discuss modeling in NX.
Ever want to share your story, work, or designs with a global audience? Now's your chance!
We ask users who got the chance to try out the next version of NX their thoughts. Watch here
Join us at the Capital Factory for the Hardware Inventors Meetup.  
Making a new motorcycle blinker using Topology Optimization and 3D printing. Watch the story here
Here we are at the present; facing the challenges of today. As the next generation of products comes into play, there must be a solution to design the...
I had the pleasure of judging the work of some very talented student engineers