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Learn how Cavalier Tooling & Manufacturing improves their quality and speed to market by using the mold design toolset in NX
Learn about the new disruptor. Explore and learn from our free e-book on the 3D printing development process.
Watching this years Masters? See how some pros are gearing up with Callaway Golf who is using NX and Teamcenter to streamline product development.
Removing the barriers to innovation between the mechanical, electrical, and electronic disciplines in an integrated design environments lead to a more...
See here for our literal brackets created in NX using different technologies!
See here for coverage on what occured during the first annual NX Design Classic with PROLIM
Adaptive UI uses artificial intelligence to track and learn from your actions. It can then predict the commands that you may want to use based upon wh...
NX Design Classic 2019The NX Design Classic is quickly approaching, Sign up now! Get in the swing of all things NX Design. Hear about the most recent ...
Welcome to the latest release of NX, which includes our most innovative features to date for the next generation of design and engineering. Read here ...
We sit down with Pat Mcmanus (NX guru and major accounts) to discuss what's coming to drafting/PMI in the latest release of NX. Coming January 22nd.