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  See what some of our users and publications are saying about NX12 
  NX has some great things in store at this years PLM Europe 
Modern factors tend to pressure engineers to choose the first design, rather than the most optimal design. Generative design is your solution to that.
Crowds will stand on either side of the track, shuffling about, squirming between one another to get a better view. The smells of sawdust and hay will...
The way we design and manufacture products is changing. Does your software deliver the tools you need for working with scanned data and 3D printing?
Topology Optimization introduces a new way to convey 3D shape information through design, one that is not thought of or manually created by humans.
The Siemens 2017 Global Hackathon is wrapping up. See what the excitement is all about!
Technology is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about sports but the two have been closely tied to each other for a long time. Tech...
The United States Air Force took 2D designs of 1970's airplanes into a full blown 3D CAD environment in less than 10 years. Engineers from the team sh...
Independent studies show that over 80% of a designer's time in a CAD system is spent editing and creating geometry. The ability to maximize data re-us...