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Ever want to share your story, work, or designs with a global audience? Now's your chance!
We sit down with Amir Salehpour (Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering Technology) from the University of Cincinnati as he describes why he uses...
Simulation needs to be a natural step during the design process, it has to be more closely connected with design. See frontloading in action within NX...
We are excited to announce that you can now try NX absolutely free. See here for more information.
We have 3 ready tips for you machine designers out there. Well we actually have much more.
Aviation Week and Siemens PLM are back at it with another webinar for the Next Generation of Design for Aerospace. Get in here and register for this c...
Come one, come all! Find your local regional user group conference here!
Your chance to experience the next generation of design for industrial machinery.
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis tool that is fully integrated in NX.
In this second of a two part special, hosts Allan Behrens (Taxal) and Paul Brown (Siemens) will discuss the solutions to the issues around complex pro...