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Mechanical engineering students from the University of Cincinnati discuss modeling in NX.
The next 15 years will see a remarkable proliferation of commercial opportunities in space, from asteroid mining to orbital tourism. Mike Greenley of ...
Aviation Week and the NX team are back at it with another free webinar. Live on December 11.
We have a new group specific for your mold tool & die questions 
Siemens NX on AppStream 2.0 performs as if you were running the software locally on your machine. See how to get in on the action here.
If you're a design engineer and are timid on considering using CFD to help your product design, take a look at these myths as we put your fears to res...
Happy Halloween everyone! See the clever usage of using CAD to carve some pumpkins.
Integrate and access advanced math inside your design with NX Maple. We are providing a free trial of NX Maple
Project HERA is working to eliminate the need for fuel-based components in the aerospace industry by spearheading new innovations in electronic compon...
With the premier of the movie First Man, cataloguing NASA's efforts to put the first man on the moon in the 1960's, SIEMENS NX partnered with Maya to ...