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Here we are at the present; facing the challenges of today. As the next generation of products comes into play, there must be a solution to design the...
Remember, if you don't need it, get rid of it! Just like that pile of junk in the attic. Take a look at what you can do with Part Cleanup in NX below
I had the pleasure of judging the work of some very talented student engineers
We sit down with Senior Vice President of Product Engineering Software to gain an understanding of this next generation tool
The pace of innovation in the automotive and transportation industries has never been greater
  New and innovative. Two words we love to hear.
  Your one of a kind solution for high end engineering mathematics
It's the 13th of the Month. It's time to discuss the future of NX 
Whether it’s showcasing an achievement, product, news, enhancement, event, image, or even culture it seems as if NX made its way onto the social world...
While you are out there getting better, so are we. Read part one of our three part innovation series!