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Migration reports are helpful in understanding any discrepancies in the migration process and their causes.
We can validate the CMM drawing migration process by understanding the overall drawing evaluation. Without actually viewing the drawing, we can valida...
Now that I have data from CMM, what do I do with it?
We have a tried and true process to help get you started and moving forward at your own pace.
CMM or NXM?Protect your investment in intellectual property, preserve and leverage legacy CAD data, and minimize migration effort, cost and risk with ...
In this article, the second in our series entitled Migration Mondays, we will explore several of these reasons and explain how Siemens PLM Software to...
This article kicks off a series of posts regarding Siemens PLM Migration Tool and Processes.
For years, companies have struggled with changing CAD systems. Siemens PLM Software offers a world class solution for customers who desire to move fro...