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Learn about Electrical-Mechanical Collaboration, traditional technology approaches, new innovative approaches, and recommendations for your organizati...
Learn how you can use MBD throughout your organization to build a strong Digital Thread and improve overall productivity.
See here for details on our upcoming webinar for the heavy equipment industry.
Our Adaptive UI technology had been shortlisted from 800+ companies for corporate innovation in AI.
See here for the latest in the next generation of design and engineering
Patti Longwinter (Product Manager for Virtual Reality, Visualization, and Rendering) discusses with us what we can expect from the latest release of N...
Matthew Hibbert from Redbull Technology sits down with us to relay his thoughts on the upcoming release of NX.
Randy and Rusty from Allison Transmission share their thoughts on the upcoming release of NX
Dave Wingrave ( Product Manager for Model Based Definition ) explains Model Based Definition in an easy to understand way
You can now be even more flexible with your purchasing options with the new value-based licensing system