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We sit down with Senior Vice President of Product Engineering Software to gain an understanding of this next generation tool
  New and innovative. Two words we love to hear.
Image Credit: Local MotorsAccessible Olli, CES, NX, and Stevie Wonder. This years tech show was truly one for the books.
Highlighting our amazing community. Today, we sit down with @magnsko (Magnus Skogsfjord) to talk about his use of NX
Design for additive manufacturing is of growing importance as more top performing manufacturers look to take advantage of its benefits in the manufact...
An early prototype version of the NX VR software was set up in conjunction with HTC VIVE Virtual Reality System at 2018 Siemens Converge Conferece. Th...
Modern factors tend to pressure engineers to choose the first design, rather than the most optimal design. Generative design is your solution to that.
We catch up with Bob Haubrock (Senior Vice President of Product Engineering Software) to discuss what exactly Next Generation Design is all about
The way we design and manufacture products is changing. Does your software deliver the tools you need for working with scanned data and 3D printing?
Virtual Reality (VR) allows us to experience amazing things, but is it really ready for prime time? Does it have a place in product design? Patti Long...