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Modern factors tend to pressure engineers to choose the first design, rather than the most optimal design. Generative design is your solution to that.
Many aspects of NX high end rendering are enhanced in version 11. The new Iray® rendering engine for NX Ray Traced Studio, scenes, materials, and meta...
What it's like to put the latest version of NX through its paces. A teaser for what's to come in NX.
What do 3D filmmaking, classic films, and great directors from the silent and modern eras have to do with NX rendering?
If you missed NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference last week, don’t fret. We’ve got all the details for you on everything from virtual reality to artifi...
Lumantek designs broadcast transmission and digital media convergence systems for TV with NX CAD. This month their DTV signal generator is the calenda...
3D rendering is an important yet often overlooked part of product development. Learn what makes ray traced images so realistic and why you should care...
This month the Siemens PLM Global Image Gallery features images of two very different products created by customers using NX.