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2017 RUG (Regional Users Group) Meetings

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

Hi Siemens NX users,


We have just started 2017 RUG meetings for USA area last week, it was a great start and we look forward to having you there.

2017 RUG meetings map.png


For those of you have not registered or sign-up for this type of event before, please go to the following site for registration:


There are many different presentations at these events as shown below, and here is an example of the agenda at Cincinnati, OH:


2017 RUG agenda - example for Indiana.png


We (Scott Felber, Tom Spangler, and Amy Reyes) will cover topics of NX11, NX1101, NX1102, and NX12.  Most of all, many of our presentations will be live demonstrations of the product.


Topology Optimization

2017 RUG - Topology Optimization.png


Import and editing of scanned data

2017 RUG - Import Scanned data.png


Convergent Modeling for field repair workflow

2017 RUG - Convergent Modeling.png


Flattening and Forming of complex shapes

2017 RUG - Flattening and Forming.png

Combine command for trimming

2017 RUG - combine command.png


for NX12, we have a few fun demonstrations


In architecture

2017 RUG - MDP.png


Animation Designer, a new product

2017 RUG - AD 2d.png2017 RUG - AD 3d prt.png2017 RUG - AD 3d assy.png


We are excited about these functionalities in NX, and look forward of sharing them with you, hope to see you there.








Sam Kuan

Re: 2017 RUG (Regional Users Group) Meetings

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

when on Europe ?

W10 - NX 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - MW - Journaling || vegetagaru @ engtips