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3D Corner

Hey Hey


Can someone explain the correct methodology in NX for creating what in Catia they usually call a 3D corner. That is, creating a fillet from a sharp corver from any two connected curves in space, given a radius. For example, in the attached picture I have a trimmed cirlce from a sketch on the xy plane. Connected to that, I have two lines that lie on a plane that is on a the pink plane which is at an angle to the ZX plane (axis of rotation: z-axis). What is the best way to create a simple fillet between them?


I know we have Basic Curves -> Fillet, but that fails miserably.


So I thought I would ask the experts!


Re: 3D Corner




you could try the circular blend curve command.



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Re: 3D Corner

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As Triumphator says you can use Circular Blend Curve (just use command finder if it's not on your day to day screen) or it's on the More part of the Curve Tab (see attached)


It allows you to select the two curves and takes the radius either from selection points or type a value.


It adds a feature to the tree too.





Re: 3D Corner


There is also a function called 3d Curve Blend. That may do what you want.

its buried in the CAM data preparation group.




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Re: 3D Corner


You could also try using a bridge curve. 

Re: 3D Corner

Circular blend curve is what I needed!

I had actually tried it before but had the option stuck on Best Fit which gave me a really lousy curve. The 'variable' option works a treat.

The only thing that sucks about it is there doesn't seem to be a trim option built-in so I always have to do two more trim operations afte but I guess we can't have it all.


Bridge curve is not really built for this and I think 3D curve blend works with one curve? SO circular blend curve is my fave.


Thanks folks!